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About MANDRILL Token

MANDRILL TOKEN is a BEP-20 Token based on Binance Smart Chain, is committed to launching multiple projects in its community and ecosystem under the umbrella of MDL. MDL will collect and analyze data and help environmental organizations work to reduce their negative impact of society on the ecosystem.
  • Token Name : Mandrill Token
  • Token Symbol : MDL
  • Token Supply : 51,000,000
  • Contract Address : 0xb56182AbFC7972B8ABd45BaeF1A12c6a6b42b3c3
  • Launched on : Sep 15, 2022

Token That will peak at high in near future

Join the fastest growing crypto organization

Mandrill is a crypto engineering organisation focused on blockchain technology products and audits solutions.
Mandrill Token Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support
Mandrill Token Audit specializes in blockchain security, utilizing cutting-edge AI Technology & Manual code review by our experts to secure smart contracts and blockchains.
Launching on 08-11-2022
Mandrill Token dApp Wallet
Mandrill Token dApp Wallet is multi-coin wallet app that allows you to Send/Receive/Store/Swap various cryptocurrencies safely. The program provides you with a secure access key that keeps your assets safe against unauthorized access. It also has multicoin support that enables you to purchase and swap thousands of coins and blockchain types; Mandrill Token dApp Wallet will be available for installation on iOS and Android mobile devices.
Launching on 10-02-2023

Benefits for Everyone

Mandrill Token Token is not only limited for Buy / Sell / Hold, But also has a real use case of payment system utility globally & also can be used for P2P lending.

Global Coverage

MDL has a worlwide coverage on promotion of the platform for huge returns


Not only reliable but trustworthy also as we based on decentralized modal

Big Partnership

MDL has Partnership with big brands for making the MDL Token highly prominent

Utility Service

MDL will be used for utility services such as Dish & Mobile Recharge, Paying Bills and UPI.

Lend & Borrow

Mandrill Token Provides lend and borrow system where anyone can lend or borrow cryptocurrencies from their wallet


Diversify Supply

MDL Supply consists of many integral part such as Exchange Listing, Burning & Marketing.

MDL Distribution

Blockchain Technology

MDBS Utility


Token Burning




Private Sale


Startup Fund


Core Group




Hurry to buy in MDL Token

Once you’ve entered our ecosystem, you can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the global marketplace

The world's biggest distributed & decentralized network, powered by BNB, which allows the holder to receive various benefits in a completely automated way. So, what do we want to do in terms of scalability? Are there any examples of scalable protocols? Probably everyone has used it before. It’s called Smart Chain.

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Metaverse Project

Blockchain Technology

Working with Metaverse Technology

MDL is the first 100% community owned decentralized virtual space project. $MDL is the governance token of the MDLEcosystem. Buy, sell and trade virtual satellites, spacecraft and lands while exploring the solar system. The possibilities are endless.
A Virtual World
A finite amount of “Satellites” and “Space Modules" will be sold similar to virtual billboards and living spaces within the framework of our system as well as a “Station Core” which will have a number of different options in how you interact with the virtual world.
MDL Token?
MDL tokens are the investment tool to purchase virtual land in MDL Metaverse Station, which will mimic a real world space station positioned in a very real quadrant of the galaxy.
What is MDL Metaverse?
MDL Metaverse is a project with the ability to utilize the power of the blockchain and decentralization in order to infinitely expand upon and honor the true vision of a new financial paradigm.
Human interaction and socialization has become overwhelmingly virtual; most people have moved their social and business relationships to their phone or laptop. It is now, during a global pandemic that has driven us online more so than ever. These new habits have already become permanent behavioral and cultural shifts, irrevocably changing what we consider normal and acceptable.
In this way the social responsibility that exists to provide tools and resources in the virtual space is essential to create a fun and adaptive environment for individuals to thrive and monetize. This stands at the core of our ethos at MDL.
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Roadmap Phases

Blockchain Technology
  • Launching Phase
    • Website Launch

    • Whitepaper Launch

    • Contract Deployment

    • Advertising Campaigns

    • Initial Cex Listing
  • Growth Phase
    • 3000 Holders

    • Influencer Promotions

    • Coinmarketcap Listing

    • 10% Burning

    • More CEX Listing
  • Expansion Phase
    • 20000 Holders

    • Mandrill Token Audit Solutions with Leaderboard Support

    • Mandrill Token dApp Wallet Development

    • Major CEX Listings

    • Techrate Audit

    • Media Coverage Promotions
  • Utility Phase
    • 35000 Holders

    • Mandrill Token Payment System (P2P)

    • Mandrill Token DEX Integration in dApp wallet

    • Forex + Crypto Trading
  • Lending & Exchange Phase
    • 50000 Holders

    • Road to Binance Strategy

    • Mandrill Token P2P Lending Platform Development

    • Mandrill Token Revenue Sharing Staking Program

    • Mandrill Token Charity Foundation

    • Mandrill Token Centralised Exchange Development
  • Blockchain Phase
    • Swap Trading Bot System

    • Mandrill Token Blockchain Development

    • Roadmap V2.0 (Relaychain, Parachain, Smart contracts etc.)
  • Binance
  • metamask
  • trust
    Trust Wallet
  • pocket
    Token Pocket

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